Exchanges, Complaints and returns of products - how to do it?

Firstly pay attention whether you received the package is properly packed. All our shipments are packed in tear-resistant foils (secure products ordered from getting wet). If the package bears the marks that were opened - ATTENTION! - Do not get it or write down the appropriate protocol from the courier. Do not be afraid. At case of loss or theft of your shipment, ordered items will send you again at our expense, and the protocol we will need to settle your supplier. You can CALL US IMMEDIATELY! Our staff will instruct you what to do next. If with the parcel everything is in order, you opened the parcel, covenant ordered items (NOTE: do not truncate the price tags!), Something does not fit .... Pack the returned item and read the attached to each contract FORM OF REFUND. On the form, you can select the reason why you return an item, you do not have to do it but your comments are very important to us and will help to improve the quality of service to our customers. The next step will be to select how you want to settle outstanding amount for returned item. You can choose from two options, which are described in separate sections. What can cause lack of acceptance of the exchange, complaints or return?
  1. No Document Sales - Sales document is ALWAYS attached to the REFUND FORM. This document provides a proof of purchase in our shop and is necessary in a further procedure of return.
  2. There are no price tags. Do not truncate the price tags BEFORE fitting Product of truncated tag or no the price tags, is considered by us to be used and reimbursement will not be possible. We only sell items from checked sources and all the items we sell have a tag.
  3. Traces of use on the returned product. Very carefully we watch the returned products, if you want to avoid signs of usage during try, do not leave traces of DEODORANT and MAKE-UP! You have 30 days to quietly try on the resulting position.
And THIS IS ALL. In other cases, your refund will be granted and the settlement will be made according to your choice.


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