Promotion CRAZY SALE

Invite you to use of our promotions CRAZY SALE! Take two items from our department OUTLET (repricing even more than 70%), and another third (the cheapest of the three) will receive from us for 10% of its value! No matter what you choose, and what price ...

How does it work?

Enter the department OUTLET, quietly select what you want for yourself and add to cart. The third item added by you initiate our promotion of "CRAZY SALE". Cart calculate and reduce the value of the gift to 10% of the nominal value ... At the promotion participate ALL the items available in the section OUTLET, regardless of price! The gift will always be the position with the lowest nominal price (1 piece). In order to capitalize promotion you need to add to the cart minimum of 3 items from the department OUTLET (may be different, they may be the same). If you choose more items from department OUTLET, always you will be converted cheapest item. Items added by you, which are not Outlet - do not affect PROMOTION :) You want to have two positions in PROMOTION " CRAZY SALE "? Make another order - works the same way! Until further notice... We invite you to test the promotion :)


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