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How long will it take completing your order?

Some of items selected by you, except those that are in our warehouse (marked 24h), come to us in the regular deliveries from our suppliers, and some even are created for specific individual orders of our customers. Completion time listed for each product, available in our storeindicates how much we give ourselves time (in days) to prepare each item for shipping to the customer. Most often it takes a shorter of course, because we really want a quick realization of your orders, and we believe that a satisfied customer comes back ... Such a way of taking your order, deliberately wanted to give you more choice from the vast number of items in our offer. Even if you do not find your size in the model that you liked - CONTACT US, we will try to win for you the search item. In extreme cases where we can not make it with completing the in the stated time, we divide your order, after consultation with you and will send the missing items later at our expense. It is a method that allows you to get things exceptional and unique, which certainly should wait for a while.


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