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To make purchases in our store with the possibility of the use of specially prepared discount systems should assume their customer account and before ordering log in. You can also make purchases without prior registration, the system will ask you for the data needed for shipment during the ordering process.


  1. STEP Select a product, select its color and size, click TO THE CART. If you want to choose something else, go back to the store again and again choose a product to the cart. If you no longer wish to put to Shopping Cart scroll the page down. If you are logged Client, below you will be able to use Valuable Coupon (if you have one), and the possibility of settling Partnership Points that have, in this order. Just enter how many points you want to settle and click prepayments. By default, all points are entered into the settlement. If you previously chose a form of settlement in the so-called recovery settlement (or the depository) is also here you can settle this phrase. Do not worry, we just needed to settle the amount, nothing is lost :) Then scroll down the page and from the available payment options and delivery for you to select the most preferred form. After selecting the method of delivery and payment, click NEXT
  2. STEP In this step, you specify the destination of delivery, if you are a registered customer and logged by the way, your data automatically sign up if you do not or you want to specify a different location delivery type it in the appropriate fields. On the right side you see a preview of your entire order. Having completed the delivery, click: save data and upon reloading a form button will appear next. Click it.
  3. STEP If you chose a payment option for your order ONLINE you are at this step you can pay for your order using the procedure of authorization of our partner. Click the appropriate button: pay now. You can also click pay later if you want to pay at another time. At this point, your order will be saved in our system and you will send an automatic email with information on how to pay (bank account number and a link for immediate payment.
  4. STEP In this step, you see a summary of your order and payment information, the chosen form of delivery and when more or less you can expect delivery.

And this is all!

About the status of your order, we will keep you informed on your e-mail address you provided when filling in the order form. If you are a Registered Client, Your order (and its status) will also be visible in the Customer Panel.


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